The Hottest New US Legal Online Gaming Venue is ??? Can you say suck my Deck

November 21, 2009

Playboy meets Phil Ivey style at’s online

poker site. PS..its USA Legal is offering FREE entry into our first 10k No Limit Texas Hold em Tournament. We will be the sexiest, highest paying, networking aggressive US Legal Online Poker Site.
// Risk Free Online Poker Site

Risk Free Online Poker Site style is best expressed as Playboy meets Phil Ivey because of the smooth curves of our models and poker room combined with aggressiveness that you would find in Phil Ivey. We employ that aggressiveness in the opportunity that we provide our customers by being the highest paying US Legal Poker Site offering $200,000 in cash prizes monthly. How are we Legal? When you gamble you put your money at risk to win money. At you can’t lose money. You use points to buy in to tournaments where you compete for cash and if you win you win. If you lose you lose your points. There is also a monthly modeling contest called the Velvet Girl Contest where girls submit their picks and our members vote for who stays on a daily basis, its kind of like an American Idol scenario, we will eliminate models every day based on lack of member votes. As a cherry on top we will also have a very lucrative affiliate program so even if you dont like the idea of playing free poker, competing for cash playing risk free poker, meeting guys, meeting girls, networking, escaping reality for a few minutes then ten of your friends do and because you are getting this info before they are you can refer them to us and make 20% of every dollar they ever spend. How do you like them apples?

No joke, in our affiliate program you will earn 20% of every dollar that you refer our way and there is a very simple tracking system that we have in place so you will know exactly how much you are going to make and when you are going to make it.

In this economy we are doing all we can to create incredible opportunity for people through winning cash playing online poker with no risk, networking with other customers, making money modeling, making money with our affiliate program, or just creating a fun adventurous escape that we all need at some point on a daily basis.

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Risk Free Poker- Play Texas Hold em online at Velvet Deck

November 21, 2009

The Velvet Deck Experience

Velvet Deck was founded by three entrepreneurs who were frustrated with the unrealistic game play at multi-player online games sites. At most of these sites, players don’t play competitively because there’s no incentive to win and there’s nothing at stake. At sites where there is an incentive to win, such as gambling sites, players can lose a lot of money. Velvet Deck’s pre patented business model was developed to encourage people to play competitively to win prizes without requiring them to risk losing money. The only cost to customers is one low monthly fee and to maintain the level of skill that other subscription sites lack we only allow our Highroller Club Members access to win cash in our online poker rooms.

Velvet Deck plans to apply its unique approach to many types of online multi-player games, enabling players to “Win Big without the Risk”. Velvet Deck’s launch is in the next month and they are offering Free entry into their first $10,000 no limit hold em poker tournament to kick off with the rollout of, soon to be the highest paying US Legal onnline poker venue adding features and attractions that no other online poker site offers. With the incredible rise in the popularity of poker, and Velvet Deck’s unique approach, has already attracted  thousands of pre registered customers.

The company is funded by several prominent investors including but not limited to its founders and they are based out of Las Vegas.

The Anti-Gambling Site

Velvet Deck is committed to responsible game-play and is not a gambling site. Because we do not offer gambling, we make it impossible for players to lose money, but still provide an exciting and entertaining experience through multiple avenues of entertainment. Our goal is to maintain the thrill of online games while keeping it safe for everyone. We will be partnering with agencies, groups and associations to help promote safe and responsible game play, and to provide a conduit to assistance for those with gambling addictions. We will also be supporting soldiers and charities through special monthly tournaments where we will match tournament winnings to chosen organizations.

We look forward to bringing you more Velvet Deck products that allow you to “win big without the risk”.

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November 21, 2009

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